On Motherhood

This Mother's Day we asked Mums what being a Mother meant to them. We received some wonderful and inspiring words that made us feel like all was right with the world...

Syamy and Takoda in the Black Embroidered Baba Sling

Syamy and Takoda in the Black Embroidered Baba Sling

A Mother's devotional mission - raising a little being. Loving, nurturing and feeding them. A realisation that there is so much more to life and love. A spiritual connection, that a woman is so honoured to experience in her life. There is and will always be, a special, unique bond between a Mother and her Child. It's so great, it's painful - an overpowering energy of devotion and protection. Feeling what they feel, wiping away their tears, holding them when they are hurt. 

Mothers are such intuitive beings. As a Mother, your intuition tells you to keep them close, keep them safe. My own personal experience as a mother to my beautiful son was that I didn't want to put him down. I had carried his body and soul within my own and I didn't want him any more than a breath away. To feel him breathe against my chest, a warm beating heart, sleeping and dreaming in my arms, safely snug in his first Baba Sling. 

I am all for attachment parenting, breastfeeding, skin to skin, co-sleeping and comforting when they cry. I also had the mission of cleaning, washing, cooking and.... exercising! The Baba Sling gave my son Takoda such comfort that, to be honest, these chores became a breeze. With the pouch effect of the sling he could be snuggled right into me but I still had clear vision of his face. The sling swept across my back and provided us with the comfort and support we both needed. If I was in the middle of washing and he needed a feed it didn't take much adjusting to breastfeed in the sling without having to disturb him. It was all about him being close to me, feeling at home. The sling assisted in nurturing and carrying my boy for months and years to come. He is 3 now and we recently took a trip to India together. I used the sling for check-in and flight transfers. A saviour! 

The Baba Sling assists in the correct formation and growth of their bones. You think of their position in the womb - they receive that comfort in the sling. And then the comfort of being skin to skin with Mama. It helps with their own confidence as they grow older - knowing Mama is just there, knowing she will always be just there. 

After some time I had a sling in both bedrooms of our home, one in the car and two floating around. I loved the different styles, but I also didn't want to risk going out and not having it. If he was crying, sling! Within a minute or less of being in the sling he was settled, feeding and relaxed. Our afternoon walks on the beach, keys in the pocket, my love in the sling and life ahead of us. A beautiful, growing journey of Mother and son, a beautiful unique exchange of loving energy and devotion. Your world within a little life wrapped up in a beautiful sling, made just for them. Safe, warm, comfortable little pouch for our little goodies. 

I actually feel emotional writing this and going back through memories of our time like that. So connected, the time goes too quickly. Keep them close. Nurture. Love. Enjoy. From one Mother to all the other Mothers out there reading this. Our babies are our blessings...nurture and carry with comfort!

~ Syamy O'Thollo 

Syamy is our beloved Sister and Friend. She is also one of the Baba Sling's beautiful models.

Mothers Talk...

While some of us Mums think that every day should be Mother's Day, it is a day to reflect on our own Mothers, our Motherhood, as well as our Sisters and friends who are also Mothers, and those among us who have tragically lost babies and children. You are still Mothers and we hold you in our thoughts and hearts. 

We held a special Mother's Day Facebook Competition. Thank you all, your response was overwhelmingly beautiful, and we would have loved for everyone to win a Baba Sling and Katrina Zaslavsky's 'A Modern Woman's Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth'. Here's what some of you told us about Motherhood... 

Motherhood is sacrificing without truly sacrificing. Giving up what you thought was your life for something so much more. It means not just becoming a mother but an advocate, maid, detective, photographer, therapist, nurse, chauffeur, referee, stylist, hair stylist, chef and more...only those that have experienced can understand. It's more than words can describe and the most magical life changing frustrating and loving experience. 

~ Taegan Stevens

Motherhood to me is giving myself and my life to my children. It's parenting by the heart and trusting my instincts. It's being close to my children and taking the time to listen to and understand them and most of all respect them. It's looking after myself so i can better look after my children. It's unconditional love and the ultimate happiness. Motherhood rocks!! 

~ Tania Edwards

Motherhood is a blessing gifted and entrusted to us. The opportunity to assist a new being into the world and guide and assist them in their walk through life. A gift of knowing, both giving and receiving unconditional love. To be blessed with a treasure trove of memories to take with us long after material things have perished. A journey shared with the young who have a zeal for life and mostly an unshakable joy and wonder at the things around then. The reason we are women. To those ladies that for whatever reason can't experience this, who are fantastic aunties and adopted nanas you too are amazing in sharing in the gift of motherhood. 

~ Jessica Matheson

Motherhood means stretching your capacity.. But also stretching your heart strings.. So much love! 

~ Michaela Bratty 

Being able to teach my kids things as they grow, watching every milestone being reached and exceeded and the unconditional love and bond you share. Wouldn't change a thing. My kids are my world - good moments and bad, the best thing I could ever ask for and be blessed with is being called Mum.

~ Rachael Bennett

Thank you so much Mums and a Big Love from the Baba Slings Team!