Hi, I am just writing to let you know how much I still love my sling! I bought it when my daughter was only a few month old, she would love sleeping in it and it was wonderful at settling her on bad days. She is just about to turn 1 and still loves being carried in it, she laughs in delight whenever I pull it out. We went on a 2 hour bushwalk recently and I carried her with ease, even up hills and stairs we were both still comfortable. She even fell asleep in it, it must be warm and snug in there. I tried a few other carriers but this one is by far the most comfortable and easiest to use, no annoying straps to adjust every time you use it, you just pull it on and go. Thank you for creating such a wonderful sling, I am sure I will get many more years of use out of it. Helen Henry.


Dear Shanti and all at the Baba Slings gang, Just wanted to let you know that I have used your babasling for the past four years with my three babes. My daughter needed to have surgery three times before she was one and for each surgery I rocked her to sleep in the sling close to me and then she was  given the anaesthetic while she was snug. In the post op recovery she spent hours on me healing. Thank you for the comfort and closeness that your slings have brought us.
Cheers, Amy


I bought a baba sling for my first baby and used nothing else 90% of the time for the first 6 months of her life - cooking, walking, feeding, shopping, cafeing, entertaining. It kept her settled and close and secure (afterall, let's not forget that they have just spent nine months of their life curled up in a ball in a warm, dark place!) I'm also a pilates instructor so very aware of my posture and found that the baba sling just enhanced this awareness and made sure I stayed even more focused on keeping myself upright! It actually helped keep me strong too and I just re-adjusted the positioning of the sling all the time to make sure I stayed balanced! So simple, yet extremely effective. I always had my hands free to do stuff and loved the fact that I could just transfer her onto my husband when I'd had enough without disturbing her! Unlike my girlfriends, I found myself out the door in half the time because I wasn't having to faff around with prams etc and obviously, could take her and it anywhere and everywhere! The first thing I wanted to find when I found out I was pregnant with number two, wasn't the flash buggy, but the good old baba sling - and off we went again.....loved it and wouldn't have done it any other way! Highly recommended. Thank you.


Hi, Just a quick email to say thank you thank you thank you. I ordered my Baba Sling at 2.45pm yesterday and received it this morning at 8.15am. Absolutely amazing delivery. I have ordered alot of items over the internet and I've never known any single person/company to have such dedication in getting their product to me so quickly. I can't wait to use it. Thank you once again.


Dear Baba Slings,
Thank you for my wonderful Baba Sling!
It really makes my life so much easier and my baby Ana is so calm lying in it. I introduced my friend Keren and her baby boy to the sling. Within five minutes of carrying her baby Morgan in my Baba Sling she was on the Internet ordering one too! I've had so many people on the street asking me about the Baba Sling. I wear it everywhere. I even climbed a mountain in Italy with Ana in it!
Sincerely, Sacha

           *Sacha is a dancer at the Moulin Rouge, Paris :)


We are really impressed with our purchase and found it to be a huge advantage waiting in the long lines at the airports, which was the main reason we purchased the Baba Sling in the first place, for our recent holiday.
Ducking into the shop with the 3yo and 7yo in tow, the Baba Sling is a real advantage saving time not having to assemble the pram and still leaving a pair of hands to carry other necessities.
A really simple to use accessory and so versatile as it can be utilised in so many ways for so much longer than the complicated upright baby carriers. AND so much better for the development of the babies spine, and a concept that has been used for centuries for those working women in the villages. Great concept, well done and thank you.


Thanks Shanti for your prompt service. The sling arrived today and has already been put to use! The turquoise colour is gorgeous, and it's very comfortable to wear. I've been experimenting with various positions, and have found it very easy to breastfeed baby in. I'm tandem feeding and my 3 year old daughter can also breastfeed while I'm wearing her baby brother in the sling - something we can't do with the front carrier.
Thanks again, Loretta


What can I say? Thank you for such a wonderful product. I just wish that I had found you earlier!! After giving birth to a wonderful baby boy I realised very quickly the need for him to be carried. He was a relatively high need baby for the first four months of life, suffering from colic, reflux & cow-protein intolerance. The best thing to soothe him was to carry him, which he loved (and so did I). At the time I brought a conventional baby carrier, which I used before coming across your Baba Slings. Although I did have a little trouble getting it right the first few times, it very quickly came together & now both baby Ben & I wouldn't be without it. It's hard to know who loves it more- myself or the Baby! I have found it a far superior product than any other carriers I have used & have found it allows me a closeness & understanding of my baby & is a special time together. The different positions baby can sit/ lie in it are great- a versatile product that suits baby's needs. Your customer service & advice & follow-up after the purchase has been nothing short of spectacular. 
Thank you so very much,
Hooray for Baba Slings!


Thanks - Sling arrived soooooooo quickly & Jacob loves it - the evening is easily reduced by half - instantly! I am finding it a little sore on my shoulder by the end of the day but guess I may have to get used to it. Thanks again, Becky. 


My name is Ranee and I'm from Melbourne. I wanted so much to write to you to share with you my experience of your very special invention. I read 'The Continuum Concept' about a month after giving birth and decided based on Jean Liedloff's theory, as well as my own intuition, to raise my daughter (Lae-ella) 'in arms' until she decided to initiate her own independence.
A friend of ours, with a young child agreed to let me try her sling when we visited a community market out in nature. So I had my first 'baba sling' experience and was hooked. I got the number, ordered one and a week later we had one of our own. I wanted to share with you the great satisfaction I receive from being able to continue my daily tasks with Lae-ella happily attached to me. I've grown to rely on it for everything and can't imagine life with Lae-ella without it. We both enjoy it immensely and I bless you for creating it. I'll end here with gratitude, love and light - Ranee and Lae-ella 


Your slings have made two sets of parents very happy - my daughter Jane is thrilled with hers, she and Tom have been carrying Sarah around since last Friday, and my son David has carried Jo about very happily and Debbie just loves the sling for Jo too; she has fed him in it, and taken him shopping. Although Jane has been aware of the benefits of holding her baby since before Sarah was born exactly 1 year ago, Debbie & David have been slower to accept the principle of "wearing" their baby. I cannot tell you how happy I am, that Jo is being "worn" now, and we didn't have to say anything, we didn't have to "compare" our grandchildren, it all came right with the Baba Sling. Thank you, thank you. Lucy Miles


Hi Shanti, just thought I'd give you some feedback on the babasling. My little boy arrived safely 2 weeks late on the 24th of August, his name is Bryn. I started him in the babasling a few days ago. The first time I used it he didn't seem to like it, but now he has been converted ! He is a very alert and wakeful baby, and he cannot get the sleep he needs with alot of light, noise and distractions around him. He needs to be at home in his cot to sleep. But alas, I need to go places with him, and so have found the babasling is wonderful, he gets to sleep in there now time at all and is nice and warm, being right next to me. I'm very relieved indeed !!! This is our second child and second baba sling. We use the sling with our 10 month old daughter daily still, and love it absolutely. (Though do admit I'm relieved the rings are replaced with buckle)
Many thanks


Received the BabaSling this morning. It's absolutely beautiful! Wonderfully quick service too. That's a definite bonus! Thanks again, Leanne 


I would like you to know, I truly believe that if I did not have your Baba Sling during these hard 3 months that my baby has been ill, I'm sure that he would have cried a lot more and I most likely would be insane by now.
Thanks once again!



I have had a great response from one lady. I ran into her at the shopping centre and she thanked me profusely as her 5 month old is now sleeping in his cot because of the baba sling. She places him in this cot once he is asleep and he has been much happier, as is she!! Malaysia.Regards Melissa
P.S- I may have a photo soon I can send you of Laura and I. My only problem with the Baba Sling is that she loves that more than her Pram!!!!!!!

           * Melissa is a Mum living Malaysia who loved her Baba Sling so much that she decided to start selling Baba Slings there!


I was just writing to say how much my partner and I love our sling.  Our 7 week old daughter absolutely loves it and it makes doing things so much easier like shopping and housework as she is so peaceful in it and i can just carry her with me.  Lots of my friends have complained that they have never seen her awake as I always have her in it when I visit them.  I think it definately makes her more settled.  I get comments all the time from people especially older people who say they wish they had been around when they were having children.  I have recommended it to heaps of my friends.  Good luck with the business. Thanks again! Fleur, Dan and Bonita 


Hi! I just wanted to thank you guys for such a wonderful product...
You may remember that about a month ago I emailed you and asked if it was too late to wear my then 8 month old son.  The weekend after I received your email I went to the Riverside markets in Brisbane and bought a Baba sling.  There and then I had it fitted and wore my son for two hours.  Normally he would be fussing if he were in the stroller, but he was quite content and just lay his head against my chest.  A few days later I went out for a walk with him in the sling, and to my astonishment, he fell asleep (first time ever he has fallen asleep while being carried).  I put the sling into a sleeping position and when I got home transferred him into his cot.  He slept for an hour and a half (the longest in a long time!!!).  I have worn the sling everywhere and prefer to use it over the stroller.  Nathaniel gets so excited when he sees me get the sling out.  He loves it and I love it too!!!  The sling is so comfortable and I have never experienced back, shoulder or neck pain or discomfort as previously experienced when using the baby harnesses.  I thought I would wait to write you just to make sure that the sling was as great as I had anticipated it would be.  The other weekend, my husband and I went for a walk along the beach.  I opted to wear Nathaniel in the sling and he fell asleep on our walk.  My husband could not believe that he fell asleep without a fuss!  Even today, my son was cranky and clingy, so I wore him while I was doing my housework and preparing the meals.  He was so happy and content! I have had many people ask me about the Baba sling since I have been wearing it.  I proudly tell them what a GREAT and COMFORTABLE product it is and that personally I would recommend it for every mother.  I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send me some brochures I could keep in my bag to give people who ask me about the slings...  I simply love your products and can't say enough positive things about it! 
Many thanks


I just purchased a Baba Sling from Baby Worx at Strathpine today.  It truely is a life saver!  My husband and I had bought a baby carrier to carry our bub, Sam, on our front, where his legs drop through the seat of the carrier.  It is not very easy to wear and is very cumbersome to put on.Many of my friends and family had told me to purchase a sling as Sam loves to be with me during the day (he is four weeks old today) Having Sam in my arms makes it difficult to do other things around the house.  I also have tendonitis in both my wrists which makes carrying him in my arms even harder. I couldn't wait to get home and put on the Baba Sling! Sam just loves it, and so do I!  He's only a tiny bub and fits so snuggly into the sling with ease and comfort.  He relaxes in it straight away, even if he has been crying to the max.  Even when I take it off, he likes to stay in it and remains asleep.  I dare not move him! My husband and I were concerned as to how my back would be, wearing the sling but there is no worries there.  The padding in the sling makes it comfortable to wear and it's so easy to adjust.  The lady at Baby Worx was also very helpful, allowing me to try the Baba Sling on with Sam. I can't wait to go to Mother's Group on Thursday to show off our new sling!  One of the other mums at the group also has a Baba Sling and she also loves wearing it.  Thank you for creating such a fantastic, easy to use and comfortable - for both mum/dad and bub - sling.  I look forward to using it for Sam's early years, and for any future children we may have.  
Kind Regards, Bindi, Nigel and Sam


I think your Baba Sling design is fantastic. Our baby, Noah, who is 5 weeks old is really comfortable in it.  My husband, Paul, prefers using it over the stroller.  He often takes Noah for a walk in the Baba Sling at night to settle him before going to bed. I use it for breastfeeding when we are out and about.  Its great for travelling on public transport too. We love the babasling and use it everywhere we go.   We receive numerous enquiries from passers-by about the babasling and where to buy one.  We first saw the Babasling at Eumundi market when on holiday, our attention was drawn by the wonderful colours.   At that time I was only in the early stages of pregnancy so we didn't purchase one there.  Since that holiday we always intended to buy the sling but it was a while until we purchased one because they were not obviously on display in the baby stores in our local area.
Yours Faithfully, Alison Moss


Our lovely Babasling arrived today despite there having been a short postal strike in London last week. I put Eden straight in it and he went to sleep 10 minutes later.  I then put him down which proved much easier than from any other sling and he slept 2 hours wrapped up in it!  An auspicious start I think. This evening we walked up the road and he hummed on my hip, but I haven't yet got comfortable with him on my back - a must for housework! 
Thanks again for your prompt and pleasant service.


My name is Cassandra and I have a 3 month old beautiful boyI purchased your sling when reading about how bad the baby bjorn carriers were for baby's backs, hips and necks.  To all my friends amazement I have loved going shopping with him and still been able to breastfeed.  Most people when he was only a few days old didn't even know I had a baby in their at all.  Most people thought I had a bag on. Due to the sling my husband and I have carried on life as usual and gone out to dinner with our son tucked away in the sling, we also do long walks and now we are trying other positions with him so he can see the world.  I run my own business in Real Estate and having the sling has been fantastic.  I have been able to carrie my son to my appointments, keep feeding him or just let him sleep. It is also wonderful when he gets a bit teary and I can still continue to work or pop the washing on the line.   I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic idea should you need another rep in Adelaide I would most gladly help.
Yours sincerely Cassandra 


I just wanted to let you know what a huge difference the baba sling has made to me and my baby, Caleb.  Caleb was born 10 weeks early, and spent 4 weeks in hospital special care units before we brought him home.  During this entire time, he has been uncomfortable and fidgety, suffering from wind, as the paed told me he was lactose intolerant and his digestion was not yet mature enough to cope with the breast milk without the gas produced.  I was at my wits end yesterday, as he had been crying for 2 days, and fussing for food ever hour or so (which makes it worse as he then only gets foremilk which has more lactose and therefore makes him more uncomfortable).  Friends arrived to visit us, and brought with them a baba sling.  The sling sat aside, almost forgotten, as my friends met and held my baby, and as I tried in vain to settle him again.  As they were leaving, they offered to show me how to put it on and get bub in on my won.  It was instantaneous... the minute he was in he stopped crying, and by the time I walked my friends to the door he was asleep.  He slept for 4 hours before waking naturally for a feed.  He slept well last night, and this morning when I popped him into the sling he commenced passing wind.  He is deeply asleep, and very relaxed.  Despite the admirable amount of gas produced today, he has slept soundly through it all, not waking crying as he usually does.  This sling is a lifesaver, as I truely was at my wits end, and was very close to giving up breastfeeding in favour of lactose free formula. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. Warm regards, Jenni and Caleb


I am just writing to say thank you for your wonderful service and fabulous product. I had placed my order and in a matter of days my new beautifully designed Babasling was at my doorstep. If I have learnt one thing from being pregnant it is that nothing quite happens the way you had hoped, so congratulations on being the first absolutely 100% perfect product/service/project I have applied to my new life ahead !!! Thank you! Amanda


Shanti, I just wanted to write and thank you for this amazing product. I got mine a little later than most with my son already two years old and sixteen kilos by the time I found out about the sling. I have a bad back and found carrying my little man for any length of time a real struggle. This sling gave me a more upright position in which to carry my son and therefore less back pain. Two benefits I had not thought of occurred while wearing the sling. The first was that I kissed him and touched him much more while going about our regular chores as he was right beside me and this is something I'd not done while he was in a pram. The second was that it became his special snuggle place and even while sitting reading together he would ask to be put in what we affectionately termed his "Possum Pouch" where he would cover himself up and get all cosy and comfy which was a lovely thing to have if he had had a bump or was upset. Although I got this one a little late to see all the benefits, I will be well prepared for my next little treasure. Just thought I would leave you with something I found and loved and will be putting up on my fridge. "When in reach, reach out." Thanks again and best wishes


I have to say that i'm very happy with delivery times (so fast) and also i LOVE it already! I put my 5 1/2 month old in it as soon as i'd finished reading the instructions. She had a breastfeed straight away and is asleep in it right now! I love the Baba sling and obviously so does my little one! Well done and thanks! Rachael


We are really impressed with our purchase and found it to be a huge advantage waiting in the long lines at the airports, which was the main reason we purchased the Buba Sling in the first place, for our recent holiday.  Ducking into the shop with the 3yo and 7yo in tow, the Buba Sling is a real advantage saving time not having to assemble the pram and still leaving a pair of hands to carry other necessities.  A really simple to use accessory and so versatile as it can be utilised in so many ways for so much longer than the complicated upright baby carriers.  AND so much better forthe development of the babies spine, and a concept that has been used for centuries for those working women in the villages. 
Great concept, well done and thank you. 


Thanks very much for the sling received yesterday.  It arrived so quickly and we have already been really happy with the quality of it.  We'd looked at some other brands previously at babies galore but they seemed too small to last or be safe, and I thought the padding on the straps was inadequate. Love yours though!  Just what we needed.
Thanks again,
Cathy :)


We are writing to thank you for making a huge difference to our lives. For months we tried pouches and other contraptions to carry our daughter in. We would end up with a sore back and neck and a tired and grizzly baba. This was not our objective. Finally we came across a lady at the market wearing a Baba Sling. Immediately we asked her for a referral and that was the start of a new closeness and comfort for us all. Our daughter Sarsha clearly felt more at ease with the natural positions she was being carried in. We no longer had any discomfort in our back or necks when carrying Sarsha all day. We have very social lives and our Baba Sling has made it possible for our daughter to learn the beautiful art of interaction with all our wonderful friends and family and then take a nap when she gets weary - all of this without a weary back and neck for us. Hooray. Thank you.
Kind regards, Simone, Anthony and Sarsha Merlo 


The sling is fabulous. Very comfortable and Angus loves it. He also sleeps very well in it and is very cosy. I have had a lot of comments about it wherever I go and people are always looking at me. An old lady the other day told me it was the most sensible thing she had ever seen. Love and peace, Cathy

           * Cathy Bock and her partner Nigel Duncan are both midwives, who practice at Selengor Hospital in Nambour, they also are practicing                  Home birth midwives.


We are really happy with our sling, and Jaylen our baby boy absolutely loves it, he is so peaceful whilst being worn in the sling. It beats the traditional baby carriers by far, much more comfortable for both parent and child."
Thanks, Chris. 



Received the new sling last week and we LOVE it! Love the new design, love the buckle, love the colours, thank you so much. The sling has become a major part of our family life, for which we will forever be grateful, to receive such an improved model has been a huge bonus. Estella was to keep her original, this has now changed, she has the new beaut and we will order another soon! Again, thank you, Deb Little



I have been meaning to write to you for some time - but never seem to have had the time. I received my Baba Sling a couple of weeks ago - and was delighted at the speed in which it arrived!! I live in the Blue Mountains, NSW - and from the time I sent the oder & cheque, it took a mere 6 working days to get here!!!! I am thrilled with my Baba sling - the design is great (Orange African trim, burgundy base) - and best of all, my baby LOVES it. My baby is 14 months old - and loves to be carried on my back - the Baba sling is PERFECT for this - and whenever he sees it - he gets very excited and makes a horsie-type noise - his way of letting me know that he wants a 'horsie-ride' on my back!! The first night I had it - I carried him around the house on my back via the Baba sling - and he fell sound asleep!!! Since then, it has been so valuable for getting things done around the house - and running around the shops when you don't want to use a pram. Best of all - it makes for lovely, snuggly closesness with my baby - who is already very clingy with me - so this is just as valuable to him as it is to me!!! Thank you for such a great product! Take care, kind regards, Nicole Christensen 



I have been carrying my 3 month old daughter, Laura, in your baba sling since she was 3 weeks old (born 12th October 2002). My husband left for Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, when Laura was 2 weeks old and the rest of us followed him 7 weeks later. We have two other children aged 7 and 4. I am currently recognised at the children's International school as the mum with the orange baby sling! It has been absolutely fantastic as life has thrown a few challenges at me since Laura's birth. She has been at her happiest whilst snuggled up in there. Today we went to the Batu caves and climbed 272 steps to the Indian temple. It was so easy with Laura in the sitting postion in the baba sling. I had so many people come up to me and say how beautiful she is. It makes life a lot easier as we can still hold our other two girls hands and Laura just checks out the world then falls asleep! By the way I have given quite a number of people your website from the shoulder pad. It was a great hit in Fitzroy Street and Chadstone shopping centre, Melbourne. I actually got to the point where I avoided eye contact with people as I was never going to get my Christmas shopping done otherwise!!!!! Over here I have many comments as the concept is popular in Indonesia, and many of the amahs (maids) are from there. However people like yours better as they are safer. Look forward to hearing from you! Melissa. 
P.S. I shall email you a photo of Laura and I with Baba sling when I get a chance.


Yours is a great design and very strong. My third child is due in 11 weeks and I can't wait to use it.  Thanks so much for making my favourite baby accessory. 
All the best


Well, how to thank you. My second son was unwell for the first 9 weeks of his life, and your Babasling was the only way I was able to settle him. We initially thought he was colicky, like my first son Jae, but we have since found him to be lactose intolerant. We used the Snugli carrier with Jae, which felt unsafe, unnatural and uncomfortable. I could only carry him for an hour at a time. It was difficult to put on and when he slept, it was only ever for a short period. Who sleeps upright? The Babasling leaves me two free hands to attend to Jae (now two). I can cook, clean, play and walk with Nat (now 4 months) close and happy. He sleeps in the Babasling for long periods and wakes with a smile (not a sore neck!) My husbands cousin (a leading chiropractor in our area) believes these upright carriers should be taken off the market as they are not good for healthy developing little spines. I think all new mums and midwives should embrace the Babasling, and you can be sure I am telling everyone its benefits. Sharon Lambert
P.s love my tribal print!


Have you seen The Choice Guide to Baby Products Internet site? Unfortunately the Babasling doesn't get the good press it deserves. As you'll see from the pictures I don't think when tested that the Babasling was worn correctly. The Baby Bjorn carrier gets top marks. We have found no problems with the Babasling and find it extremely comfortable and versatile. When back in UK we received many positive comments and my mum's osteopath thought it a fantastic design. Kind Regards, Alison Moss


"Brilliant".......is the word to describe the Baba Sling. After co-sleeping with our child for 10 months and still co-sleeping part of the night, the Baba Sling feels like an extension of our wonderful bonding. If you've had a frustrating day with your child just pop him in the sling and continue on with your day. Baby will be in the centre of action not attention, tensions will reduce and loving warmth will overtake. We had a frontpack and found it complicated and bulky and limited to about 10kgs. Our son is nearly 15 months and I still carry him for a couple of hours.  Great for shopping centres that often don't cater too well for prams/buggies. I find that when we carry Jake in the Baba Sling we just can't stop kissing him. Brilliant! Love It! Thank You. Tracey Grigs


The Baba Sling is fantastic, my baba loves it and so does my husband.  We always get asked about it wherever we go.
Well done on such a useful product. Tess


My husband and I love our new sling and so does our 8 month old daughter, Olivia. As soon as we received it we went for a walk straight away to test it out and Olivia thought it was great. The next day I took her shopping and she fell asleep in it. I have already had a few comments on it from other people saying how comfortable Olivia looks and what a great idea it is. Thank you again. Jodie 


Thanks so much for the Baba sling.  I don't know how we'd survive without it.  I have a bad back and my husband has a bad shoulder, so attachment parenting would be tough without it.  Ryder's crazy about it, and is so content in there. We can't go anywhere without being stopped numerous times by people curious about the sling.  We give them a brief description, then send them away with your website. Bright blessings, Jenn


My name is Vanessa , i am writing to you from Adelaide in regard to your wonderful slings. I have been using my sling for six and a half months now and love it to bits. it has been a godsend for my baby as she has reflux and colic and has needs to be very closely held. We have had the most amazing comments, including "were we carrying a human baby?". I have been asked by health professionals to demonstrate putting my daughter in and out of the sling so others could see how easy it was!!! Thanks for a great product. Kind regards Vanessa


I received my baba sling on Saturday.  I just wanted to say that me and my four month old love it!!!  She was a very colicky baby and is very sensitive.  She loves to be held, but I am four feet eleven inches tall and she is 16 pounds.  It has been very hard on my back to carry her all the time, leading me to put her down more than I would like to.  With the baba sling I can carry her for a long time and she doesn't make a single sound when she is in it .  She just loves it!  I was even able to feed her in it while we went grocery shopping.  I can't say enough about it.  Not to mention it is by far the most stylish sling on the market.  I have literally checked the world over for the right sling and have tried 4 differentslings on the market.  We just love it and I love being able to give my little the extra attention she needs. Thank you so much for encouraging me to take a chance on your sling! Sincerely, Michelle and baby Emma DeRose Buffalo, NY United States


We found the sling on our doorstep this morning - that's a level of service we're generally not accustomed to! Many thanks. My husband and I are both relieved to have a practical alternative to the "dangly" type carriers. Lucky I happened to see a lady wearing a Baba Sling at the shops! We're still awaiting our baby, so we haven't tried it out yet, but we look forward to doing so. Thanks again. Corinna



Just wanted to let you know, I received my sling yesterday, and after a couple of practice runs, Henry loves it! Tonight he was in the sling while we had our dinner, then I simply moved his legs, and lay him down and he feed.  He then happily drifted off to sleep and is sound asleep now! Thank you so much! Suzie and Henry



Your slings are wonderfully designed! My daughter loves being carried in her baby sling. Kind regards, Michelle


Firstly I would like to congratulate you on a fabulous product. I've recently purchased a baba sling and I can't stop singing the praises. My only disappointment is that Kaedon is my 4th child and  I would have dearly loved to have discovered the baba sling earlier. Especially considering my last babies were twins and I could see how it would have been a godsend for me considering our eldest daughter was only 17months old when the twins were born. Hence this is the 2nd reason for this letter. I'm the Membership Secretary for the Brisbane Multiple Birth Association Southside and I would love to help promote your product to our members as I could see the benefits would be endless to our multiple families. The amount of comments I've received at our Multiple Playgroup was amazing. Kind Regards , Liesl Hoekwater
Membership Secretary BMBA Southside 


I can't believe it's here already!! Amazingly quick service and a super sling, my little pumpkin loves it!!! Thank you so much!!!! I have used one of your slings for my last three children and expect that it will be my first preference for my next baby due in April as well! They are very versatile, strong and comfortable and from what I have tested against other slings - work the best for me also! Fleur


I wanted to tell you how useful I found the Baba Sling during a recent overseas holiday. I visited Thailand and Nepal with my daughter who was then aged 9-10 months. The sling was very handy in airports, on planes, when travelling in cars (most cars in these countries lack seatbelts, and baby car seats are unheard of), when walking through crowded markets and public places, and when sightseeing. It was especially helpful during night flights, as I could breastfeed my daughter to sleep without having to worry about moving her and waking her up. Footpaths in these countries tend to be full of pot holes, so prams and strollers were really not suitable. In both countries, women tend to use homemade cotton slings to carry their babies around anyway. it made me think how in developed countries we spend hundreds of dollars on prams with all the latest gadgets, when a simple sling is often far more useful. 
I would not hesitate to recommend a Baba Sling to anyone - they are just fabulous! 
Cheers, Ros Lording