We are a family business!


At Baba Slings we're a small and vigorous family team and those who work with us become like family. We build strong and long lasting relationships with all our partners and affiliates.

We are committed to strong business ethics and take care for Baba Slings to always be transparent and fair. All Original Baba Slings® are manufactured in a family run factory in Bali, Indonesia. Our highly skilled tailors have worked with us for many years to make Baba Slings® the exceptionally durable, best quality product that it is. We care about fair play in all areas of our business.

Baba Slings® is the original invention of our CEO, who was inspired by the traditional slings worn by parents around the world since the prehistoric times. She created one baby carrier for countless occasions - perfect for keeping your baby close every day, invaluable when travelling, breastfeeding, comforting and nurturing.

It is our mission to promote baby wearing as a way to help families raise happy, confident, and gentle children for a happier, prosperous and peaceful world.


Being a Mother of 5, Shanti McIvor Coats designed the perfect baby sling to carry her children. Baba Slings allowed her to breastfeed her babies, chase after toddlers and create and run the thriving business that Baba Slings Pty Ltd is today. Starting with the birth of her second child in 1999 and the invention of the Baba Sling, her business has grown over the years and her iconic product became a favourite with many parents around the globe.


NOTE: We guarantee Baba Slings® quality and durability, as covered by our warranty. Beware of counterfeit products that do not carry our logo and name, and of sellers who are not licensed by Baba Slings Pty Ltd, Australia.