The iconic go-anywhere, carry your baby Original Baba Sling

Based in Byron Bay, Australia, Baba Slings bring you the baby sling designed for the most effortless babywearing experience. The Baba Sling is a great aid in making your journey as a parent of a young child a smooth ride, without unnecessary stress. Babies who are carried close to Mama or Papa tend to be more calm and relaxed. Keeping them close to your heart from birth until they are ready to take their first steps has amazing benefits for both. It's the most natural thing! 

The secret of our unique and original design lies in simplicity and flexibility. Designed by a Mum, a Baba Sling will allow you to carry in 5 different positions. It's easy to put on and take off, comfortable for both parents and babies and adaptable to yours and baby's needs. Your little one will stay snug throughout the day as they are cradled softly in the cotton hammock of the sling. Changing positions will assist with healthy development of their hips and spine. Thanks to the ability to swap shoulders and positions you will stay comfortable too. Fully adjustable, one size fits all!

Perfect for discreet breastfeeding (pick from 3 breastfeeding positions) and wonderfully cozy for a sleeping baby, thanks to our double adjustment strap system. Even a toddler can fully lie down as their back is supported evenly.

Inspired by traditional slings worn by parents worldwide for time untold. Recommended by health professionals. 

Head to our shop to get your own Baba Sling. Pick from our variety of colours and designer prints to fit in with your Style! 

Baba Slings - Boutique

Boutique Baba Slings - unique prints for cool Mamas and Papas.